Leanne, a small business advocate, listening with guest on Fortitude At Work podcast

S2. Ep6. Plan Avoidance

This week we’re talking about why small business owners hate writing down plans.
We all know they are important but when it comes to actually committing to plans on
paper, many of us hate the process. Why? Research shows that business owners
who plan their growth are less stressed and more successful. But we still hate doing
it! This week we talk about why that might be the case.
We talk about how important it is to align personal values to business values. We
share how planning helps to articulate your intentions but this doesn’t have to be
public, you can keep plans private and change them at any time. John shares his
experience of keeping things private…
We refer back to our goal setting episode in Season 1. If you want to check it out, it
was Episode 22.

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