Leanne, a small business wellbeing advocate, giving a keynote presentation
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A small business wellbeing advocate

I’ve spent years studying what it takes to work well in a small business and I can confidently say, it’s not about lavender tea, phone detox strategies or dark rooms to sleep in. Those things might help but they only treat the symptoms, not solve the problem.

When I work with an organisation, I make sure my keynote or presentation presents insights that help to solve the stress at work problem. Best part? I do it in an enjoyable, relatable and entertaining way.

Often, people find the topic of mental health either too scary or too dry. It’s a tough keynote to deliver well. I love working in this space because I understand how to improve workplace mental health and in most instances I don’t even say those two words in my presentation (you know, the words that start with ‘m’ and ‘h’).

However, audiences leave with ideas to implement at work that will support their mental health and help them to thrive at work.

Topics audiences value, and I love to speak about:

I’ve been fortunate to be invited to speak at many events as a small business wellbeing expert. Engage me if you have a small business audience, or work in the small business sector and want to support their personal wellbeing. I have keynote experience talking about:

Identifying and harnessing your power to manage stressful situations well.

Building and flexing your resilience muscle to work well.

Identifying and overcoming the challenges of growing a small business.

Investing in yourself as a key investment in your business.

Developing a strategic mental health plan for small business ownership. What do I have to do?

Supporting your small business customers – what can you do?

Self-care at work – the secret to business success.

Paul - positive testimonial of Leanne's speaking

Leanne’s authenticity shines through in every word she delivers, creating an instant connection with her audience.

Her messages are relevant and thought provoking and the level of engagement of her audience is superb.


Paul Henshall