I’m a small business mental health expert.

Leanne brings small business experience and mental health understanding and research to her audience

Welcome to Fortitude at Work, a place to share my passion to support the mental health of small business owners.

I’m not your average conference speaker. I can take a scary and often dry subject like mental health at work and make it entertaining, engaging, and informative. I’m a unique keynote speaker because I work at the crossroad of mental health and small business.

I bring a wealth of small business experience (and laughs!) to an event combined with a depth of understanding about mental health at work, thanks to my years of academic research.

I love speaking to audiences large or small and relish the opportunity to help small business owners to work well.

Forget the lavender or tree-hugging, my approach to workplace mental health is much more practical.

When you own or work in a small business, time is precious. Moments get real very quickly. There’s no human resource department to call on and often you are your own boss. Thanks to the changes in legislation and growing community awareness, workplace mental health is a topic relevant to all businesses, large or small. The difference is, in a small business there’s no room for fluff. The presentation has to be practical and relevant to the small business experience. That’s what I bring to every presentation, with a smattering of laughter and stories added along the way.

People who hear me speak leave the event with at least three ideas they can implement to care for their mental health at work.

Peter - positive testimonial of Leanne as Small Business Mental Health Ambassador

Leanne was our Small Business Mental Health Ambassador because she knows how to identify and represent the mental health needs of small business owners. Her advocacy work in this area has helped to put small business mental health needs on the national agenda.

Peter Strong

Former CEO, Council of Small Business of Australia (COSBOA)