Leanne, a small business advocate, listening with guest on Fortitude At Work podcast

S2. Ep 10. Gap Hunting

Probably the best episode we have produced all season. This one is not to be
missed because we talk about a very powerful way to reduce stress, reduce
impulsive responses when we feel hurt and become mindful of our triggers in life.
This is a great discussion about gap-hunting. Recognising when we feel triggered,
taking a moment to tell ourselves why it is happening and then use our inner-wisdom
to choose the most appropriate response at the time. Gap-hunting is a process we
can all learn and it’s a self-loving tool that gets easier to do with practice.
John shares some wonderful tips on how you can become a gap-hunter, and the
importance of being kind to yourself through the process.
Leanne talked about the work of Viktor Frankl and his book – ‘Man’s Search for
Meaning’, you can order it from www.constantreader.com.au . She also talked about
the work of Dr Libby Weaver – www.drlibby.com

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Suicide Call Back Service: 1300 65 94 67

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